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facebook  |  community summit

february 2019  |  menlo park, san francisco, USA

The Facebook Community Summit was a celebration of the people successfully creating communities and running local businesses through their Facebook page. With 500 guests invited from all over the Americas, the atmosphere was energetic and happy. The three day event started with a welcome dinner followed by a full day of inspiration talks, a travel themed dinner at the Hiller Aviation Museum and a final morning of content before guests travelled home.

With bold graphic brand guidelines provided by Facebook, the stage was focused around three existing large screens with full colour animations, backlit polycarbonate and soft birch ply framework to add texture. The networking areas were designed to create conversations and a

community feel - curved furniture clusters, an object exchange and a reflection space - a large angled mirror overhead designed to make guests feel part of the FCS community. The object exchange was designed as a conversation starter with each guest invited to bring an object of importance to them or their community and depart the event with a token from someone else's.


Another highlight of the event was the travel themed celebration dinner at the Hiller Aviation

Museum, complete with paper aeroplane menus, a drone show, Aviation fact napkins and hours

of fun exploring the museum's collection.

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