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A selection of my favourite projects. Select the project image to see more...

google  |  next  |  october 23

A Google Next event for 2000 pax in London, October 2023. As lead 3D designer, I created a full guest journey from registration to keynote, including multiple breakouts, partner expo area, networking spaces and demo spaces.

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 11.34.23.png

amazon ads  |  IAB upfronts pitch  |  october 23

A pitch for the Amazon ads event during the IAB Upfronts series proposed at Here @ Outernet, London in October 2023. The event design consists of an entrance tunnel feature, central stage, venue bar takeover by Freevee, Ask the expert pods, Twitch kitchen and various other demo spaces.

Amazon Ads Visuals - Stage V5 View 04_001.png

shell  |  dignitary event  |  december 22

A VIP Shell evening event launching their new polymers factory in Pittsburgh, PA consisting of a small exhibition space, networking, presentation, dinner and entertainment.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 15.42.42.png

vuse & velo  |  festival activations  |  summer 22 & 23

A series of installations designed to attend dozens of festivals. Working with Wunderman Thompson and briefed by BAT to transform their existing shipping container exhibition kit into a summer of sampling and selfies.  Redesigned for summer 2023.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 15.49.11.png

women@ facebook  |  women's leadership day  |  december 19

My second year designing Women's Leadership Day for Women@Facebook.  A celebratory, positive and forward thinking full day event for 1000 internal staff members. A keynote stage, breakouts and lots of fun photo moments for each community group, focused around belonging.

Diversity Day 2019 - Visual 3.jpg

lacoste  |  exhibition, store launch & french open screening  |  summer 17

The Lacoste Installation at Westfield White City coincided with the opening of their new store and the announcement of Novak Djokovic becoming the new 'Croco' or brand ambassador. Lacoste UK wanted to create an interactive viewing area for the French Open as well as a Heritage exhibition showcasing the brand.

Lacoste Install 2017 - Photo 8.jpg

concept, moods & ideation  |  various projects  |  11 - 23

A collection of concepts, moodboards and idea generating work across multiple projects to demonstrate my process.

Portfolio GD Examples v1-03.png

2d design, deck design & artworking  |  various projects  |  11 - 23

An overview of my deck design work, artworking and graphic design across multiple projects.

Portfolio GD Examples v1-27_edited.png

instagram  |  influencer masterclass  |  may 2019

Instagram Masterclass is a regular event where teen influencers are invited to learn how to take their social media to the next level. The space is designed to be bold, bright and colourful with lots of activations and photo moments.

IG Masterclass Dubai 2019 - Visual 2.jpg

adidas  |  hybrid virtual event pitch  |  october 2020

A set design created for an Adidas virtual event pitch in 2020. The brief was to create a sleek and striking set in monochrome to

create the feel of in-person event (although virtual) while the events

world was still finding it's feet again in 2020.

Adidas Set v3A Action.jpg

facebook  |  community summit  |  february 2019

The Facebook Community Summit was a celebration of the people

successfully creating communities and running local businesses

through their Facebook page. With 500 guests invited from all over

the Americas, the atmosphere was energetic and happy. The event started with a welcome dinner followed by a full day of inspiration talks and a travel themed dinner at the Hiller Aviation Museum.

FCS 2019 - Visual 3.jpg
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